Friday, April 22, 2011

Time to wake up and smell the coffee...

Alright, now like many other Canucks fans including myself, we are all not very happy with the performance last night.

So now trying to be the optimist I am going to see this loss as something like that slump of the last two regular season games against the Edmonton Oilers. Granted the Oil didn't beat the Canucks like the Blackhawks did in these previous two games, outscoring 12 - 2 combined. With that unthinkable thought in mind, I questioned myself,

"Where is the team that everyone loves?"

Because I sure don't see it and sure hope that this series DOES NOT come to a game 7! It may be a game at home, but that is not on our minds right now. All we want is for our team is to succeed.

As I continue on thinking about what else to write, nothing more than remarks and comments made prior to the playoffs to now come to mind. Some that are coming to mind at the moment were from Ex-Canuck Kyle Wellwood, Ex-Flame Theo Fleury and quite notably pretty the whole of the Blackhawks team.

With all these remarks stuck in my head, all of them having the same meaning, and sadly I'm slowly starting to believe they are all right. I'm not proud that I'm saying it, while above I mention that I'm trying to be an optimist about my favourite team, I know I'm not holding up my bargain there.

At the end of the day though, I'm still going to hold out for them.


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