Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Finally! …

Finally, I get to update my newest blog! I haven’t been able to update this weekend as much as I’d like to, since I was in an area where I had no wi-fi connection. Can’t say it was all that bad, kind of nice to get away from all the electronic devices, but in today’s day and age, everyone’s life revolves around technology. And the for counting today and yesterday... one word, school.

Anyways, now back on topic of my favourite hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks! I heard before I left for my little trip this weekend that the coaching staff decided to let Cory Schneider start the last regular game of the season. I've got say that I was so happy… but just sad that I wouldn’t be able to watch it. But I was able to get to see a few highlights of Saturday night's game. A 3 - 2 win in OT! (54 - 19 - 9 = 117pts!!)

It’s a win, but I do still come to the conclusion that it isn’t the kind of win they’d like, but I think it being the last game of their regular season they can’t be too picky… IT’S STILL A WIN!

So... that's it right now about my views on the Canucks last regular season game on Saturday night against the Flames at the Saddledome. I hope that I'll be right back here tomorrow night, just in time for the first night of the first round of the PLAYOFFS!!!


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