Monday, April 25, 2011

A Scary Thought... Or I guess perhaps 'Scary Dream'?

Okay, I was debating on writing a post tonight, but I thought that I would post this instead of normally posting my views on the game, since I believe that letting this out could change the outcome of this series.

As freaky as this may all sound to most, it’s freaking me out too quite honestly.

So getting back to the point, we’ll just have to rewind back a bit to the night before Game 2 in this series. That night I had a dream that the Blackhawks win 4 – 3. In the beginning I figured that this outcome would be the score of Game two that following evening.

But once I noticed that night it was a 4 – 3 win for the Canucks that's when a terrible thought came to mind. I began to worry that this 4 – 3 win wasn’t going to be the score of a game within this series but the outcome of the actual series. In the Blackhawks favour of winning 4 games to the Canucks 3 game wins. Every clue matched to lead me to believe this now, since in my dream it was the Blackhawks celebrating a big win in their white jerseys in our building.

So now that this is all said, all I can do is hope that this dream will not come true.

I have been told before that if there is a dream that you do not want to come true, you speak of it, out loud. And I hope that doing just that this outcome will not happen. The Canucks have worked too hard to be cut short. Let's go Canucks!

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