Sunday, April 3, 2011

First Post....

So... I guess this is going to be my first post, and I know I should have started this blog earlier, since I’m claiming to be a ‘Canuck Addict’ … but really, starting a blog like this never really occurred to me… until now.

And although I hate that this blog is not necessarily coming off on such a nice start, I have a feeling though, that in the coming weeks I will be writing about all the highs (and nothing but all highs) that will be coming to our team in the coming weeks.

Okay... So I am most definitely no Derek Jory or Kevin K, but here in my words, here are my views on last night’s game.

As it is well known by now that the Canucks (and us the fans) had to endure a hard and surprising loss to the Oil at Rogers last night –and I’m sad that it had to happen for my favourite Canuck goaltender – but by doing so, yes, we may have given them something to be happy about as it is their first win against the Canucks this season. It is a loss that would be much desired to be erased from our memory as it came nearing the end of such an amazing season, but it’s nothing we should be dwelling on. So now onto the rest of the game that lifted my spirits!

It was definitely amazing to hear that Manny was able to come out to watch the game and I wish him nothing but the best in his recovery. Plus I was so stoked to see that Tanner Glass is finally back on the ice! Also I know I can't leave out Chris Tanev and Yann Sauve. And even though this kinda sorta goes back to the sad factor when I heard that Tanev wasn’t playing tonight, I was happy to hear that they chose to bring Sauve to back in.


So, after watching last night’s game, I see that it will make the Canucks nothing but stronger than before as a team and as a whole. All I can do is hope that everyone -the team and the fans included- can realize this as well, that they have clearly earned it, based on everything that has been accomplished throughout this outstandingly fantastic year. From showing a new kind of maturity being brought to the ice to battling through all the bumps, the bruises, the concussions, the broken bones and everything else that has plagued them throughout the year they still came out on top and didn't allow any of it to diminish any hopes.

Now to finish off with a little rant about all the never-ending criticism coming from those who still have doubts about this team not yet having the ability to win Lord Stanley… Although it may be everywhere and that it's coming from every which direction, I believe it to be all just adding more fuel to an already blazing fire, as I notice it is only making them strive even harder to reach the one goal that is most meaningful.

The Canucks have truly found the recipe for a winning team.



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