Saturday, June 18, 2011

It Was A Heartbreak, But You Will All Move On.

Dear Vancouver Canucks,

It has been a few days now, and I know that I'm in no position to say that I can understand what it feels like after playing a game like that one, but as the clock ran down and the game came to an end, I didn't see any of you hanging your heads.

Wednesday night I saw a team of winners. I saw a family of brothers who fought a hard war to get where they always wanted to be. You are the band of brothers who battled through the artillery fire and made it all the way to the final battlefield. A lot of you were able to continue through the pain of the battle wounds suffered when a few couldn’t. While those few who sadly couldn’t continue on in the war zone, you men still played a big role trying to stick as close as you could to support your brothers who were still fighting.
Canucks, you all gave it your all this season; and you never gave up. You all played with your full heart and showed your true passion for the game. You all had the fire burning inside for the desire to win. And I believe that it can be all achieved again, this time ending with a much better outcome!

Now all I can hope for as I wait for next season to start is that most our team will be sticking together.

Canucks you played an amazing season! You didn't get all the way to the finals for nothing!!

**If it means anything, you guys did make it as the best team in the league and as far as the finals go... You are the best in the West!! You guys are #1.**

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