Monday, June 13, 2011

Back in Beantown....

  Malhotra • Burrows • Kesler • D. Sedin 
H. Sedin • Torres • Raymond • Hansen  Lapierre • Higgins • Glass • Hamhuis  Bieksa • Samuelsson • Ehrhoff • Salo  Ballard • Elder  Ballard • Alberts • Tanev  Schneider • Luongo • Tambellini  Oreskovich • Hodgson • Rome 

You boys are a team who have one goal.
And you are a team who won't give up until that goal is achieved.

You boys, have not just a city rooting on behind you...
You have the province, the country and numerous other fans around the world cheering you on.

We all believe!
You can do it boys!!

*Play your game, keep your focus, & go with the process*

*** All the Best to Mason Raymond! ***
*** Let's do this for Raymond!! (and Bourdon!!) ***

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